The popular golf term “it’s all in your head” is not what you would expect. While most golfers do struggle mentally, I am here to give you why our head impedes us physically from making consistent contact with the ball.

Over and over we’ve preached that you cannot just swing the club with your hand to hit the ball. You won’t make consistent contact or distance control due to clubface manipulation. This is why we need to learn how the body works to produce the hit, not the hands. For any player to move freely and fluid through the ball to get their hands out of the swing, they need to move their body forwards and left. This movement is very difficult to achieve because of years of being told to “keep their head down.” Your head is the top of your spine; nothing can move or rotate without it. If you keep it still, you can only hit the ball by passing your hands underneath it, causing that flip we are trying to avoid. Imagine if you were pulling a golf cart with a rope. You wouldn’t stare at the cart while pulling it from a side position; you would, in fact, turn all the way away from it and your head leads the charge! no, you don’t have to watch the ball hit the club; yes, you need to pick your head up and left through impact. These are things that we need to open our minds to in order to finally start getting better at this game!

It’s all in your head; you need to throw out the old and get in with the new. It’s all in your head; we need to let our entire body move in order to achieve an effortless strike and less painful swing, mentally and physically. Move your head!!

Try for yourself, and of course, we can show you here at the club. I’ll see you on the practice tee!