Dan Alton,
Director of Instruction


Single Lesson$110
Three (3) Lesson Package$285
Five (5) Lesson Package$425
Eight (8) Lesson Package$639
Ten (10) Lesson Package$749
Twenty (20) Lesson Package$1399
Forty (40) Lesson Package$2299

All lessons include 55 minutes of instruction. Video analysis and feedback are available upon request.


Nathan Feibes,
Asst. Professional

For instruction of Juniors ages 12+ up

Single Lesson$75
Four (4) Lesson Package$280
Eight (8) Lesson Package$520

For instruction of Juniors ages 11 and below

Single (1/2 hour) Lesson$45
Four (4) (1/2 hour) Lesson Package$160
Eight (8) (1/2 hour) Lesson Package$280