With spring on the horizon and The Masters Tournament looming, all eyes will be on the greens.  Improving your putting can lower your scores more significantly than any other part of your game.  Here is my best tip to sinking more putts!

Speed.  Getting the speed to match the distance is the most important part of putting.  Drop three balls on the green and make a stroke taking the putter back in line with your back foot.  If you make your stroke the same speed, all three putts will travel the same distance.  Now pace that distance off to gauge how far that stroke makes the ball travel.

Distance.  Do this again with a stroke that goes back two inches further than your original stroke and these putts should go further than the original three.  You have now established two “gears,” one for short putts and another for mid range putts.  You can add more “gears” by adding more length to each stroke.

Practice.  Hit five putts to each of your “gears.”  Start short to long and make five in a row within one foot of each other.  If you mess up, start over!  Do this drill over and over until you can do it without messing up.

Get your speed right and you will eliminate three-putts, make more birdies and lower your scores!