“Ever since I started playing golf approximately 25 years ago, I’ve had a passion for improving my game. I’ve had countless lessons throughout the years from various instructors. Since I started working with Dan around 3 years ago, I haven’t had a lesson from any other teacher and I can’t see that changing. Dan is the only coach I’ve ever worked with who actually shows you how your body needs to move in order to get into the proper impact position. If you’re tired of throwing away money on lessons and seeing no improvement, give Dan a call and get ready for a swing you can trust.”

Mike Gower
Country Club of Johnston County Member

“I Wanted to let you know how well my lesson with Dan Alton went last week at Wildwood. I am 68 and been playing golf for 40+ years and have taken lessons for decades. I stepped away from golf about 7 years ago and have recently come back to it. About a year ago I began a lesson package with a pro and frankly wasn’t very successful with it. So, to say the least my golf game was in the trash can recently.
Last week I was in RDU with a free day and booked a single lesson with Dan for 1 hour. With his swing techniques and teaching style, I was comfortable, encouraged, and by the end of the lesson I had a new swing that I believe will be consistent and repeatable for years to come! Dan followed up with a video analysis of my swing and I kept detailed notes of his instruction to build on as I practice.
My only regret is that I don’t live in your area so that I could regularly continue my lessons with Dan.
He was the best instructor I have experienced, and I have been to a lot of lessons and golf schools. Thanks for your time, I wanted you to know.”

Edd C. Hendee
Houston, TX

“My husband and I have been members of Wildwood Green Golf Club for the past two and a half years. We came back to playing golf after a ten-year break and frankly, I was struggling with the game. My frustration was becoming too much and I considered quitting. It was then that my husband saw Dan Alton’s bio and suggested I take some lessons. I wasn’t sure but I did decide to contact Dan and schedule my first lesson. From there I can say things got so much better for me. First, let me say that Dan is a patient, kind and knowledgeable instructor. He didn’t just teach me how to improve, he taught me to understand why I was improving. He taught me the mechanics of my swing and how to make it better. I learned from Dan that I could improve my game and he gave me those skills to work with. I am truly in his debt because I have dropped ten strokes and I look forward to playing as often as I can. I also encouraged my husband to take lessons and he has improved his game greatly, breaking 80 for the first time with a 79! We are both grateful to Dan for his instruction and for helping to bring back our enjoyment of the game.”

Paul and Ruth Moran
Wildwood Green G.C. Members

“I have been a member at Wildwood since I retired in 2016 and I wanted to give you some feedback on Dan Alton as I recently completed a few lessons with him.
After being out for 10 months with shoulder surgery, my swing was struggling and my handicap had spiraled to a 24. I was still swinging with the same bad habits formed over the last 40 years. Within about 5 minutes, Dan had diagnosed the major problems in my swing and given me some simple instructions to hit it higher, straighter and farther than I have ever hit the ball. Within 2 weeks after the instruction, I finished 2 rounds in the 70s and shot a -1 under 34 on the back. My handicap is now down to 18 and dropping.
Dan has a simple, direct, no-nonsense approach that is unique for each player’s ability. I have taken lessons before but his style is what I needed. He gave me some simple mechanics that allow me to compress the golf ball…..simple as that.
I appreciate Dan’s patience with me and will continue to utilize Dan for tune-up lessons as required. I can truly say he has made golf more enjoyable for me and many other Wildwood members.”

John Sullivan
Wildwood Green G.C. Member

“I started to play golf in my late 40’s and had a few lessons before I went to see Dan Alton. I have made substantial progress since being coached by Dan and progressed to a single digit handicap. He has a direct teaching style that has enabled me to improve drastically in a relatively short period of time. I personally like how he has simplified the process for me and I’m now less concerned about the mechanics of my swing. I would highly recommend Dan to anyone looking to really improve their game”.

Jon Davison
Wildwood Green G.C. Member

“Shortly after my retirement, I realized that playing golf was not fun for me anymore. I have taken lessons before and nothing really changed for me. I decided to try one more time and I am very thankful that I did. After meeting Dan Alton at Wildwood Green, I have been fortunate to have taken lessons from him for the last few months. Dan has worked with me on all parts of my game and has willingly gone over techniques more than once until I got things right. He is a very skilled and patient teacher who has helped me to truly begin to understand how to use my body to develop the swing that has changed my game and helped make playing golf enjoyable once again. Dan has the heart of a teacher and I would highly recommend him to anyone who wants to improve their golf game. I know I look forward to continue working with him in the months ahead.”

The Rev. Dr. Bob Sawyer
Wildwood Green G.C. Member

“When I started working with Dan I was really struggling with my swing and golf game as a whole. Dan not only helped me with my swing and fundamentals, he also helped me with the on-course mental side as well. I’m an extremely feel oriented player and Dan is all about the feelings you have in your golf swing that produce the proper mechanics. He does not use the basic position by position instructions that most teachers use, instead he uses a broad knowledge of the golf swing combined with how it feels to create each sequence within the swing. Using this method, he is able to improve each student in such a way that is unique to each player.”

Zach Seabolt
Professional Golfer